Which Wireless Devices Do Most New York Residents Carry.

Cell phones have become a must have for people in many parts of the world. They are the new all purpose devices because they are capable of doing so many different things that users need done. Cell phones can be used as computers, calculators, music players, calendars, video cameras, gaming devices, and the like. They also provide a private way for people to contact other people while being discreet: text messaging.

Cellular devices are very highly used in cities such as New York which is really fast town. Most users in the Big Apple are sporting PDA phone combinations or smartphones. They either own a Blackberry, an iPhone, or an Android phone. The Androids seem to be taking over the cell phone consumer market these days. They slowly creeped up on the Blackberrys over the past couple years and are now more successful in sales and application downloads.

In a place like New York people are on the go all time. Therefore, it is necessary for almost every person to have some kind of cellular device on them. Of course there are the school kids who just use them for fashion and then the addicts who use them because they just can not stop.

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